Ina Ori Orule (Fire on the Mountain)

We wake up every day thinking of the problems facing our nation. At every turn and corner, we’re reminded of them. We turn in at night with the same things on our minds. Our executives do nothing; their only concern lies with their pockets, filling their coffers while we fill coffins. The people do nothing regarding what plagues us them, believing it’s the prerogative of state (the executive) to do, and they do nothing about the state because “Everyone should be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God” and “o ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey His Messenger and those who are in authority among you” Galatians 6:6, and “If you differ in anything refer it to Allah and His Messenger, if you are believers in Allah and the Last Day. That is best and most commendable in the end” An-Nisa 4:59.

I ask; does God choose our leaders or do we? Is a man who rigs election then places a hand on God’s “Holy Scripture” to pledge his service God’s choice? Is a woman who pilfers our resources to purchase armored vehicles whole our farms lack machinery God’s choice? Are these people worthy of respect? If these are God’s choice, then I daresay that God is indeed wrong and we must set things right as we have done in countless other instances, and if they aren’t, would it not be perfectly right to do something against them?

The rich own shares in weapon manufacturing corporations and appropriate the profits of war, while the poor get enlisted to fight for honour and motherland. It is said, “There is no peace in war, only profit”.

Think how much better thing would be if less armored personnel carriers and more tractors and harvesters were procured, if plutonium and samarium was gotten, less for military stockpiles and more for power stations.

Think of putative trophy heads, taken from Khoisan victims on display in The British Museum. Sierra Leone is one of the top 10 diamond exporting countries in the world but 203 out of 206 on the world’s poorest countries list. Picture the English Imperial state crown, the Sovereign Sceptre with Cross, Queen Mary’s crown, her Stomacher, et cetera, and the number of South-African lives it cost to procure those beautiful stones dignifying God’s chosen Monarchs. Imagine what happens if all the golden chalices and apparatus in the Vatican and other ‘shrines’ the world over were disposed and the proceeds committed to improving the lives of those deserving charities. Imagine what happens if we stopped sponsoring Hajj trips and focused on “educating” our children – not just schooling based on Eurocentric curriculum, but as Dr. Henrik Clarke said; actual education aimed at finding African solutions to African problems. Instead of paying for people to go throw stones at an imaginary Satan, why not help kids develop their sport/musical skills. Think what happens if low-cost houses were erected in place of mega cathedrals. How good it would be of women were not relegated to the background, if they didn’t have to line behind the men at every turn, if adulterous men were viewed in the same light as the women.

It is said “the powerful are afraid of truly educating the masses, because when that happens, the masses won’t ask for power, they’ll take it”.

Revolutions are like bitter syrups, taking it one drop at a time doesn’t reduce its bitterness, go once and be done with it. Think on the questions and act, you might have to give account someday.



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