Still, over the land darkness reigns

The bringer of light, out of his sight has cast us

In gloom we are, in Yahweh’s grace

Content in ignorance, to disbelieve is disastrous


The fool who questions that which

To all is hallowed and holy is

To the stake bound and burnt

A living sacrifice to the one above


Yea though the sky takes

The sweet smoke we raise

Our Lord watches on in silence and joy

Perhaps, it is to the sky we pray


The crusaders slay the savage natives

History is what the victor makes it

The love of God or the pain of knives

Is it for God or us we fight


Forced to conform, we revolt

Jihad is holy and must be wrought

To force on others what we believe

Three score and a dozen virgins beyond the grave


For the pantheons, we slay our kin

The one true Gods demands seas

Of the unbeliever’s blood

The heathen must harken to his loving words


To know thyself is to know all else

Knowledge is power, self-knowledge; omnipotence

The man is lost, who knows not himself

She cannot know, who has no root to look to


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