On Purpose

On the question of innovation, technology and general human development and intelligence, a man of the cloth once said something to the effect of; mankind can do nothing except the initiative comes from God. This might seem a perfectly sound verdict; especially to the indoctrinated sheep that trust and obey, who never stop to question or consider. But when you take a moment to consider the implication of that sentence and try to reconcile it with what God is supposed to be; good, loving, fair, faithful, et cetera, then one sees the discrepancy. When we contrast these benign qualities with what God’s initiative has helped man “achieve” over the years; the beauty of the atomic bomb, as displayed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the righteousness of the idea that led to the development of the Kalashnikov line of firearms – perhaps the almighty had a better intention for the weapon, and what were Molotov cocktails meant to be for – blowing animals to bits? The idea of Jewish conspiracy God planted in Hitler’s mind – anyone ready to explain that?
These examples may seem to portray this author as one very hateful human bent on rebellion against all that is good, but this is not so. To clarify this, I implore my reader to juxtapose their preconceived views of God with the simple but true examples outlined above and thoroughly consider the questions between those lines.
Some of us, true to our faiths may say God gives good ideas, but the devil corrupts them in the minds of humans. This is a very feeble defence at best. Objective assessment of God’s nature shows a very evil, egoistic, and sadistic undertone. I invite those not convinced of this to consider the question of hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes and landslides and provide a worthy explanation on how the devil has corrupted these holy gifts from the father. I invite anyone still to consider the fact that a mosquito has to feed on human blood just to survive; thus making the transmission of malaria one of their primary life purposes. And what about the other virus and diseases; the onchocerca volvulus and other parasites as terrible as, and even more terrible than this, did the devil make these too? This takes my mind to Stephen Fry’s words “Bone cancer in children? What’s that about?”
Did the good Lord not say in Isaiah that he made all; the good and the bad alike? What about the carnivores that have to slay throw other animal families into mourning just to survive, think of the atavistic savagery that keeps life on Earth perpetuating? Even if it so happens that the lord of the flies has infested some hitherto sterilized meat, does the “good book” not show that he cannot do this without the express permission of the one above? Or has the devil we made usurped the omniscient? That is preposterously unlikely.
We must realize that we are on our own. We must recognize that there’s no sky daddy out there regulating what goes on in here. We have to understand that little children don’t die because God needs a new a new angel to guide his beloved. We must see now that the world is as terrific or as terrible as we make it. We need to grasp now that the purpose of our existence is not to prepare for an hereafter or to incessantly offer praise and worship to a being whose existence is to be mild; unfamiliar, but to at least make sure that we live this plane a better place than we met it. Our lives should not be assessed based on our religious creed but by the content of our character.
If at the end of our lives, there happens to be a God out there, he is certainly not going to be interested in us living “good lives” just to partake of the joys of paradise, but in our service to the good of humanity. It would be unreasonably dishonest to claim this character is not found among people of the faith, but to attribute this to their religious creeds would be equally iniquitous. Just as Napoleon Bonaparte said “I am surrounded by priests who repeat incessantly that their kingdom is not of this world, and yet lay their hands on everything they can get” there are a lot of people – most of them really – who creed one religion or another but are as “pragmatic” as – if not more so than – those whose only faith is humanity.


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