​Christianity and The Law: A New Covenant

It's quite clear that the old testament is done away with, while the new is established. That is, the old convenant and the laws, instructions and practices that go with it are no longer valid under this new dispensation.


“Olódùmarè”, not God

Olódùmarè clearly requires neither our service nor worship. It is exceedingly sufficient  enough to be a source without requiring returns. Unlike Gods which exhibit clearly masculine characteristics, Olódùmarè is beyond the classifications of gender, combining both the masculine and feminine characteristics as they both come from It. From It, all things came, through laws and principles that are foundational to all of existence. Unlike Gods, It is therefore not an interventionist being.

On Truth

You cannot rely on anyone for your education, but must embark on a personal journey of discovery. Read books you aren't meant to read, discuss topics you shouldn't even think about, question popular beliefs, don't just accept the way your ancestors did things during the dark age many centuries ago, experiment and find new ways. Belief never simply translates to truth, no matter the number of people who hold  or however deep their conviction.

Fiat Lux

Strenghten us oh Christ, who was cast down Be the light guiding our path, oh risen one Fortify us to stand like thee, now As we forsake mass opium, oh glorious risen one.


The gods will liberate us someday So we say, when nothing spills We fail to grasp the simple truth Ògún only favours the quick sitter The Olympians will not meddle with men as long as Zeus lives He who desires liberation gains it by force The boot that wears the boot of oppression Does not move till it is struck God is asleep, blind or deaf And the gods do battle only by the might of men

On Laws

We all realize the importance of rules and guidelines in our everyday lives. We appreciate regulations against acts which would otherwise endanger us, and are greatly interested in those which offer rewards for our good acts as well as others meant to protect us from the unpredictability of nature. As in a football match, so … Continue reading On Laws

Ina Ori Orule (Fire on the Mountain)

I ask; does God choose our leaders or do we? Is a man who rigs election then places a hand on God’s “Holy Scripture” to pledge his service God’s choice? Is a woman who pilfers our resources to purchase armored vehicles whole our farms lack machinery God’s choice? Are these people worthy of respect? If these are God’s choice, then I daresay that God is indeed wrong and we must set things right as we have done in countless other instances, and if they aren't, would it not be perfectly right to do something against them?